Episode 74- Game of Thrones


Spoilers ahoy! We aren’t precious with the spoilers this time, friends. We talk about everything that’s happened on the TV show, so if you’re trying to preserve your first viewing for some beautiful future day when all the books are done… well… first, don’t hold your breath.

But more specifically, today we talk Littlefinger, and whether he’s a savvy businessman, or a desperate man trying to keep a nation from collapsing under him. Porque no los dos?

Episode 38: Dungeons & Dragons


Nope, it’s not a tool for satanic recruitment. But if your characters aren’t careful, you could plunge the whole world of your game into a crippling economic nightmare. Also, we talk about the richest man in all of history. Nope, it’s not Jeff Bezos.


Mansa Musa, The Richest Dude Ever

Episode 36: Harry Potter, Part Deux

Listen Here!

Our Harry Potter expert-in-residence, AJ is here again, but this time to talk about the thing he really knows a ton about- Harry Potter! (Duh!) In FACT, he knows so much about good ole HP that he totally pokes a hole right in Dan’s very fragile episode concept.

SO! We talk about Owls, how many wizards and witches exist in the world, how many of those wizards and witches are psychopaths, and whether or not everything is government subsidized. And we strategize about how NEXT time we have a guest, we’ll be sure to vet our topic with them first.

Episode 34: Iron Man


Seems like all we need to make the world great is a little bit of compassion and love, and also Arc Reactor technology. This week, we discuss just how drastically Tony Stark’s invention would change the world of energy as we know it.

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Episode 31: Ocean’s 8


Obvs no spoilers, friends, since this film wasn’t even in theaters yet at the time of this recording. We don’t know much about what happens, but we DO know there’s a big ole necklace involved, and it is valued at an ABSURD amount of money. So this week, we talk the value of diamonds, gems, and Ocean’s 11-13.

Episode 27: There Will Be Blood


Hello, We’re Make-Believe Money, and this is our son and partner, Daniel. He’s here to tell you about oil prices, and how the oil boom was perhaps not quite as impressive as you might guess. Spoilers in this one, but… this movie’s been out for a while, and also, it’s hard to spoil what’s basically a very long tone poem. You’ll be FINE.


Episode 26: Ready Player One (Part 2!)


No Spoilers! You can safely listen to this episode without anything being ruined for you. Except maybe the idea of investing in cryptocurrency. That might get a little ruined for you. That’s right! A half a year of episodes in, and we’ve finally gotten Dan to talk about Bitcoin! He probably will NEVER talk about it again, so get your fill now!


Episode 24: Settlers of Catan


Get ready to get hella nerdy up in here, friends. We’re talking board games, the kind that Megan won’t let Dan have more of until they have more space. Not your grandma’s board games, either (although we’ll get to Clue eventually). Nope, we’re talking Settlers of Catan! And also arbitrage. What’s that, you ask? Is arbitrage something a pirate does in court? A feeling that’s a combination of anger and confusion? A country in South America? NOPE, it’s something totally different!


Episode 4: Ollivander’s Failing Business


Harry Potter’s world is certainly very magical, but not incredibly economically practical. Is Ollivander charging wizards and witches enough for their wands, or is he destined to go out of business? Is it possible that everything in the Wizarding World is government subsidized? This is part one of a non-consecutive, ongoing collection of Harry Potter-themed episodes.