Episode 74- Game of Thrones


Spoilers ahoy! We aren’t precious with the spoilers this time, friends. We talk about everything that’s happened on the TV show, so if you’re trying to preserve your first viewing for some beautiful future day when all the books are done… well… first, don’t hold your breath.

But more specifically, today we talk Littlefinger, and whether he’s a savvy businessman, or a desperate man trying to keep a nation from collapsing under him. Porque no los dos?

Episode 38: Dungeons & Dragons


Nope, it’s not a tool for satanic recruitment. But if your characters aren’t careful, you could plunge the whole world of your game into a crippling economic nightmare. Also, we talk about the richest man in all of history. Nope, it’s not Jeff Bezos.


Mansa Musa, The Richest Dude Ever

Episode 31: Ocean’s 8


Obvs no spoilers, friends, since this film wasn’t even in theaters yet at the time of this recording. We don’t know much about what happens, but we DO know there’s a big ole necklace involved, and it is valued at an ABSURD amount of money. So this week, we talk the value of diamonds, gems, and Ocean’s 11-13.