Episode 36: Harry Potter, Part Deux

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Our Harry Potter expert-in-residence, AJ is here again, but this time to talk about the thing he really knows a ton about- Harry Potter! (Duh!) In FACT, he knows so much about good ole HP that he totally pokes a hole right in Dan’s very fragile episode concept.

SO! We talk about Owls, how many wizards and witches exist in the world, how many of those wizards and witches are psychopaths, and whether or not everything is government subsidized. And we strategize about how NEXT time we have a guest, we’ll be sure to vet our topic with them first.

Episode 4: Ollivander’s Failing Business


Harry Potter’s world is certainly very magical, but not incredibly economically practical. Is Ollivander charging wizards and witches enough for their wands, or is he destined to go out of business? Is it possible that everything in the Wizarding World is government subsidized? This is part one of a non-consecutive, ongoing collection of Harry Potter-themed episodes.